What would you do if you were given
Real wealth is normally out of reach for most of us, with only 1,826 billionaires in the entire
world currently. Over half a billion of us however, every week buy tickets of some kind, in
an attempt to win just a few million Euros, pounds or dollars.

Those lucky enough to win a few million, usually spend it very quickly on bigger house,
flashy cars and holidays etc. Very few consider sharing their new found wealth with close
relatives or friends, never mind helping those who are in dire need. Such as children
requiring expensive life changing operations, those suffering from malnutrition, innocents
that live in war torn countries, or other humanitarian worthwhile causes.

All of the world’s billionaires gained their wealth from other people in one way or another,
by selling us clothing, food, oil, cosmetics, real estate, mobile phones etc.  So called self-
made men and women could never have amassed this great wealth without exploitation of
the worlds masses. In return, only a handful actually gives something back to the society
that gave them their fortune.

If you are of a charitable and philanthropic mind-set like us, and are over the age of
eighteen, having an interest in the creation of great wealth, and its many benefits to you
and others in need, we invite you to help us create one new billionaire, who hopefully will
share our beliefs. All you need to do is make a onetime only donation of just five and a
half Euros, via PayPal only please. Please be aware that this is not a competition or a
lottery, but simply a lot of people making a tiny donation that will change one person’s life
forever, and that person in turn we believe, will hopefully change the lives of  many many
others by their benevolence.

The concept is very simple. There are over half a billion people in the European community
alone, and over six billion worldwide. We only need a small percentage (two hundred
million) of like minded individuals to freely donate this small amount, once only, to have
created a new billionaire. When the full amount of donations is achieved, via a computer
generated random selection process, one single PayPal receipt number will be drawn,
and a new instant billionaire will be created.  Donations may be accepted from any
individual over eighteen from any country in the world, where it does not contravene the
laws of that country.

Anyone, who has of their own free will, donated five and a half Euros to this interest, will
have an equal possibility of becoming what we believe, will be the world’s best known
philanthropic billionaire.

The New Philanthropic Society of Wales, the organizers, ask that you please read the
Donors Agreement, before making your donation, then click on the “Donate Now” button if
you wish to do so.